VAT has developed into an extremely complex legal area in a highly dynamic environment. Our team meets the challenges of especially International VAT with many years of experience and pragmatic approaches.

VAT is complex! Yes, especially International VAT issues are highly complicated and often the source of conflicts with the tax authorities. Given the further increase in VAT compliance requirements, the goal of our consulting service is to develop legally compliant solutions which minimize risks and simultaneously avert avoidable VAT payments.

We offer ad-hoc support, expert opinions. Of course, we also take on your VAT declaration as well as apply for input VAT refunds. We defend disputed case constellations in the context of appeals, audits and lawsuit or criminal tax proceedings. Furthermore, we also support you within the framework of process and technical challenges, such as the implementation of a tax compliance management systems or IT tools.

On value added tax, we advise a wide range of clients, from start-ups and to internationally acting businesses. In addition, we assist auditors, tax advisors and lawyers on special VAT issues.

Our VAT services in brief:

  • Advisory services for all ongoing VAT queries of your daily business with high level practical and service-oriented approach for national and cross-border issues, including the coordination with colleagues of the concerned countries worldwide
  • Assistance in VAT compliance/declaration obligations (e.g. filing of preliminary and annual VAT returns, Intrastat Reports, VAT registration in Germany, special VAT refund procedure)
  • Dealings with local tax authorities: Assistance in discussions with the tax authority in audits or special VAT audits and in filing appeals or statement of claims, rulings
  • Litigation in VAT-related tax court cases
  • Performance of specific projects (e.g. VAT reviews as a simulated audit, VAT Checks with different extent and scope, ecommerce)
  • Implementation assistance for „VAT processes“ in your company as an internal control system from a risk management perspective
  • Specific topics and issues (e.g. cash-flow optimization, intercompany charging, restructuring, holding companies, allocation and proportion of input VAT deduction and respective optimization, import VAT and implications of customs and duty with regard to cross-border supplies)
  • Inhouse-Workshops, client-designed for the typical business cases and qualifications of the participating employees
  • Customs-related advice