We advise both companies and private individuals on tax matters. Whether tax returns or tax structuring advice, we ensure that they are optimally positioned for tax purposes.

Advising and representing individuals on income tax issues begins with the question of tax liability in Germany (unrestricted/restricted). This is also connected with the departure and migration of natural persons from or to Germany. Among other things, we assist you in preparing optimal tax returns. We also deal with questions relating to the tax-optimized transfer of assets during your lifetime and upon your death. Furthermore, we deal with questions of current taxation, in particular with regard to employee taxation, capital gains and income from renting and leasing.

We also advise shareholders and managing directors of corporations on all relevant issues of tax law and its interfaces with other areas of law (e.g. corporate law, labor law, tax law).

With our support, you can also structure your company in the best possible way for tax purposes. In doing so, we accompany you from the foundation of your company to its termination or transfer. Among other things, questions concerning the choice of the right legal form as well as the restructuring of the company become relevant. Furthermore, we assist you in all questions of current taxation (e.g. method of profit determination, accounting questions, differentiation of business assets from private assets, qualification of income, value added tax, questions of employee taxation). 

We provide you with pragmatic solutions based on our comprehensive theoretical knowledge. We design legally secure, dispute-avoiding and tax-robust solutions.

Our services include:

  • Tax Declarations
  • Balnce Sheets
  • Financial Accounting
  • Payroll Accoutnig
  • Business Consultancy
  • Tax Audits