Our team advises you comprehensively in the field of labour law. We provide comprehensive advice on individual and collective labour law (court proceedings, contract drafting and management etc.) In particular, we support our international clients in the implementation of com-pliance systems in the area of labour law.

Labour law can be divided into two areas: Individual labour law regulates the relationship between employer and employee. Collective labour law, on the other hand, covers the relationship between trade unions, works councils, staff councils, etc. .

Our team advises you on all aspects of labour law, such as employment contracts, dismissals, senior executives, managing directors of limited liability companies, board members or negotiations with the works council. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with comprehensive answers to your labour law questions and solve your problems. We represent the interests of employees and employers as well as the interests of executives, for example in the drafting of employment contracts. 

Our broad range of services in employment law includes:

- drafting individual contracts concerning employees, executives or corporate bodies
- drafting optimal flexible working time solutions and remuneration models
- support in all questions of co-determination in your company
- representation in legal disputes before the labour courts and their avoidance (protection against dismissal, references, etc.)